5 interesting chemistry research topics

Chemistry research papers bring a love-hate relationship. Those who love studying chemistry will find a research project very fulfilling. Those who hate choosing a topic will continue to feel the stress because there are so many excellent topics to choose. To help you find an interesting chemistry topic, here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

  1. Safety vs. Dangers of Flame Retardants: In the world of child care and education, flame retardants are key safety features or are they? Many people have been trusting flame retardant materials in sleepwear, fabrics, carpets, and furniture that is used in all things relating to children. But, as time goes on, are the chemicals used in creating flame retardant materials doing more harm than good?

  2. Are diamonds forever? We know that compressed coal turns into diamonds, but researchers are finding that nanodiamonds only last for a brief amount of time when coal is treated. How important are nanodiamonds? How will this research impact future studies about diamonds? What else can happen to coal, diamonds, and other substances when placed under the pressure of an electron beam?

  3. How can chemistry help cure cancer? Cancer is one of those diseases that is constantly causing problems. The dreaded disease affects not only people, but animals, too. One consistently interesting research focus is on how chemistry can help reduce the occurrence of cancer in people and their beloved pets, too. You are bound to find current research on short term and longitudinal studies relating to cancer and chemistry. One of the latest discoveries is the relationship between daily aspirin and skin cancer.

  4. More diamond studies. If you are interested in diamonds and extraterrestrial studies, then you will love the latest topics about exoplanets being made from diamonds. An exoplanet is a planet that is well beyond the reaches of the solar system as we know it. As chemists and astronomers work together, they are theorizing that these faraway planets could be made of unlikely materials, like diamonds and other chemically complex materials.

  5. The present and future of biofuel. Biofuel is showing up in a variety of forms for a variety of different needs. From fuel for automobiles to home heating, biofuel from corn, wood, and other plant-based materials are being used everywhere. You could write about the latest discoveries with biofuel and the reality of bringing these fuels to the global marketplace.