What Should Be In The Research Paper Conclusion?

The conclusion of a research paper is a vital part of any type of research paper. It should contain the following details to make it appropriate and relevant. The contents of a research paper conclusion should include:

  • The scope of the topic: this gives a detailed description of the subject matter in short form giving short but detailed information that is straightforward.
  • A summary of the thesis: the conclusion should provide the gist of the research in a simplified manner.
  • Summary of main points: the conclusion of a research paper should highlight on the key areas of the paper.
  • Basic synthesis of information: the information should build up easily at the conclusion of a research paper.
  • Speculative notions: a research paper’s conclusion should enable the reader to deduce and speculate over various aspects related to the subject matter.
  • Logical assumptions: the conclusion should have assumptions that can be explained and understood.

A research paper conclusion adds multiple advantages. These benefits include:

  • An end to a research paper. The conclusion enables a research to finish their research paper leaving a good impression.
  • A conclusion is short and simple. This makes it easy to perfect the final part of a research paper.
  • The conclusion adds an aspect of creativity to a research paper making it ore captivating to readers.
  • It strengthens the objectivity of a research paper making it have more weight that increases the level of quality.

A conclusion plays an important role in writing a research paper. These roles include:

  • Leaving the reader with a positive remark. Conclusions are important in leaving a good impression on.
  • The provide originality. This uniqueness makes it easy to separate authentic research papers from plagiarised work.
  • They add a personal touch to the research paper. Conclusions enable researchers to express their opinions through their research.

To execute a good research paper conclusion it is advisable to observe the following tips:

  • Stay relevant while writing the research paper conclusion. This will prevent the researcher from going off topic and ruining the research paper after executing everything properly.
  • Prepare a straight forward conclusion. It is important to avoid sentences that run at the end of the research paper. This makes the research paper less attractive.
  • Maintain specificity: it is vital to avoid generalizing the main themes of the research paper.