What are The Elements of a Research Paper?

A research paper is not unproblematic to write. A successful research paper demands more than an ordinary term paper. One cannot use short but wrong way to write a research paper in hurry without choosing a topic. Then making the outline of the topic according to which the work will be done within decided time. Then research work is done by the researcher. One has to make sure in the outline that which method or technique he is going to apply in the research paper. Then the suitable compilation and arrangement of the outline with certain required details is done. The next step to be done in the research paper is conclusion of the research work. Then it is discussed with other experts and researchers and changes are made if required. In the end references are cited that from where the data is been taken by the researcher. Proofreading is necessary for editing the mistakes and grammatical errors if a research paper has.

A researcher is not need to get worried about making of research paper. When a person gets clear understanding of the basic elements of the research paper he or she can write it very easily.

Elements of a research paper:

A research paper should be precise and wide-ranging enough to attract reader attention and make it interesting for readers of all kind. The elements of the research paper are as follows:


When a person writes the research paper he should have in his mind the first basic element of writing the research paper. Researcher should be stick to the topic and thesis statement of his research. He should answer only those questions which he has put in the introduction of the research paper. He should avoid unnecessary details.


The researcher must take care that he has referred all the data which he has taken from other’s work and the research he is doing is first confirmed by his instructor.


While writing the research paper the researcher should not add such information that does not exist actually.


The research must be practical, sensible and realistic. The data should be assembled from dependable resources.


Without timetable a researcher is not supposed to have a grip on completing the research paper successfully. He has to divide his time for each section of the research paper after making outline.