Finding Some Research Paper Ideas for English Class

The good thing about choosing a research topic for an English class is that your teacher will be looking more on your writing and your research.  This allows you to pick whatever topic you want to do your research on, and it can be on any subject.  When you are going to pick your topic, you want to make sure that it is one that you know a little about but want to find out more about the topic.  Knowing a little bit, will help you find the information that you will need to write your research paper.

Where to Find Ideas

  • You can start by searching for ideas for your research paper online.  This will give you lots of results for different topics that you can do on your paper.  Make sure when you are looking for ideas to choose ones that are good ones.  Here’s a list of ones you should choose:  Abortion, the death penalty, cloning, lowering the drinking age, immigration and so on.
  • After you are done looking for topics online, you should go to your teacher and show them what ideas you have for your paper.  They will probably be able to help you narrow down your subject for your paper.

Topics for Research Papers

  • Life on Other Planets:  This is a question that many have had over the years, and if you think about it, there has to be another planet out there that has life on it.
  • Biggest Problem with High School Education:  This can be drugs, funding, and the teacher’s ability to teach their students, and so on.  There are all kinds of studies done on this subject, so it will be easy to find the facts.
  • Welfare:  When you look at this subject, you can examine if it really works, if reform is needed, and if the qualifications to receive it should be revised.
  • Birth Order:  Is there a link between the birth order of siblings and success?  There are studies out there on this subject and doing the research should help you figure this question or you can come up with your own research question on birth order.
  • Justice/Legal System:  Doing a research paper on this system, you can go different ways with this research.  You could examine how it works, is it fair, and so on.
  • Patriot Act:  You can do research on the Patriot Act and figure out how it is used and decide if it is fair to all citizens.