Term Paper Writing: Conclusions Are Very Important

Term papers need to have several parts. From the thesis and introduction to the body paragraphs and conclusion, the term paper needs to be complete to get your point across. Many people consider the beginning of the term paper to be the most important part, but in actuality the end of the research paper is just as important as the beginning.

When you write the introduction to your term paper, these are the pieces that should be included:

  1. An attention-getting hook
  2. A strong, provable thesis statement
  3. A bridge connecting the hook and thesis
  4. Background information to show that there is a problem
  5. An abstract - depending on the academic style of your term paper

Without these pieces, the introduction may not catch the attention of the reader and it might not feel complete. When you sit down to organize the term paper, you should check your academic formatting style because different styles like APA and MLA have different requirements for the order and content of each ingredient.

Each part of the term paper has a special job to do and each part has special requirements based on the assigned formatting. Professors want to see that you can follow directions, think on your own, and write an interesting, informative, and argumentative paper. In order to do this, you need to be sure that you close on a powerful note. Without a strong conclusion, you have not completed the term paper.

Therefore, when you write the conclusion, there are some important pieces to include:

  1. A restating of the thesis statement in new words
  2. A final thought for the reader to ponder
  3. A reconnection to the hook to bring the paper in a full circle
  4. Nothing new, because you are closing up the paper based on what you previously wrote
  5. Reminders about the major ideas of the paper to keep the reader thinking

If you do not include reminders, restatements, and reconnections, you reader might not get the full effect of your term paper. When you want to make a point, it is always a good idea to restate your main points to drive the idea home. In a term paper, the last place to drive your point home is in the conclusion, so do not be afraid to emphasize what needs to be emphasized in your conclusion.