A List Of Possible Research Paper Topics For University Students

Choosing a topic for your academic assignments might be the hardest job for you. It involves research, attention, time, planning and critical analysis of various ideas. You can brainstorm to generate fresh ideas or search the internet to find a suitable topic for your paper. Remember to come up with a unique topic if you want to earn a good grade.

Example Research paper topics for students in university

  1. The effect of genetics on intelligence and cognitive thinking of the individuals
  2. The role of government in creating employment opportunities and encouraging self-employed businesses
  3. Changing hairstyles often could be a part of personality disorder
  4. The effect of war on terror on the economies of different countries
  5. Is it possible to maintain world peace and eradicate religious and racial biasness
  6. What gives birth to stereotypical thoughts and behaviors
  7. The major reasons for inflation and deflation in an economy
  8. Is perfect competition a realistic approach to understand current economic systems
  9. Is homeschooling better or worse than school life in an institute
  10. The major reasons for air pollution in urban areas
  11. What are the important changes made in constitution after civil rights movement
  12. How can individuals stay productive by having a more organic diet
  13. What is the reason and solution for drastically increasing obesity rates
  14. Can love be measured in some way or is it an infinite existence
  15. What is infinity and beyond infinity
  16. Are hardworking students rarely intelligent or vice versa
  17. Is trickle down economy actually the way it is proposed to be
  18. Is it essential for businesses to have some level of exploitation to maximize their profit margins
  19. The relationship between divorce rates and financial problems
  20. The loan policies of the banks seem like a monopoly

These are just a few examples of research paper topics that students in university can choose to write. You do not necessarily have to agree with all of them or like all of them to write your own topic. These are to give you an idea of how your topic for the research paper should look like. You can alter and edit any of these topics in the list to write your research paper. Remember to rephrase them or change them to suit your preferences because they are no longer unique as millions of students read or use them every day.