Creating A Research Paper Title On Human Trafficking- Tips And Ideas

With human trafficking being the fastest growing criminal industry in the entire world with over twenty five million victims there is a lot to work with when you are discussing this issue. The business generates over thirty billion each year in the sexual exploitation of people. When you are writing a paper that has this huge of an impact on our world, there are a few things to consider. Here are some tips and ideas to help you write a successful paper about this very serious issue.

Tips and Ideas

  • Conduct extensive research and make sure that you are finding information that is current and up-to-date. You can find several websites designed specifically for educating people on these issues. You will be able to get statistics for your research paper. Statistics are very good at helping show your audience the magnitude of an issue.

  • Start off with a catching statistic. You can say that there has been over twenty five million victims of human trafficking but if you break it down to the ridiculous it may be more effective. Imagine if the entire city of Shanghai in China disappeared into the slave trade. There are a little over twenty five million people in Shanghai and it is the sixth most populated city in the World. This little fact makes the statistic real to your reader.

  • Talk about specific information in your research paper. Make it hard for someone to deny the problem by expressing these specifics.

  • Don’t rant about the issue. You will need to use evidence and not your opinions. This is hard when you are writing about an emotionally charged issue like this one. You can get the same affect by showing facts to your reader as you would get by explaining your feelings on the practice.

It will be important for you to create an outline before you start writing. Gather your evidence and decide when you want to talk about various aspects. Create your thesis statement can then work on the reasons why you believe it. Try to come up with three main reasons and then support them in the body of your paper. Be sure to cite your sources effectively so that you are not stealing the work of others. Grab an example paper to help you plan out and execute a great paper.