Tips and tricks on how to write an English research paper

When you are writing a paper it is important that you follow these tips:

  1. Be organized.
  2. Take notes carefully and review all of the information you find. You want to sort out the sources you find based on their relevancy. You want only those items which are essential and contribute to your topic. You want to avoid being bogged down by facts or quotes that are not really related.

  3. Get color coded.
  4. Color coding your notes is a handy trick for every paper you write. Color code note cards or sheets of notes by main topic and then essential details below. Some students like to use the same color card for each topic and the same color highlight for each detail while others like to mix and match colored cards so that one color is for main arguments and another is for supporting evidence.

  5. Use highlighters.
  6. Highlighters are important because they can help you remember only the important information. Highlight biographical information so that your research and writing goes smoothly down the road.

  7. Create an outline.
  8. Once you have conducted your research you need to prepare your outline. Use the notes you have to brainstorm your ideas and supporting evidence. You can create an outline that has structured sentences or one that is just brainstorming. Consider whether a particular statistic belongs in the beginning of your paper or at the end. Review your anecdotes and see if they are good for your introduction. Rearrange your material as necessary. This may take longer than your other steps but if you do it correctly you will not be sorry.

  9. Draft your paper.
  10. Once you do your outline it is time to start the first draft. The outline helps you to structure your paper and allows you to turn notes and thoughts into paragraph form with details and evidence. If you find that any part of your paper is lacking you can always conduct a bit more research along the way to fill the gaps. And relax... this is after all only a first draft.

  11. Edit and edit some more.

After you review your draft and get all the right information in the right place it is time to edit your draft and then write the final piece. Check for spelling errors or types. Make sure you have your citations. And spend some time reviewing the requirements one final time.