Where To Find Interesting Topics For A Research Paper

Starting off with an interesting topic is essential when composing any essay. Putting together a quality research paper is no different. You should devote the necessary time to formulating a great topic. Where can you go for inspiration? We have a few ideas....

Your Textbook, Course Notes And Assigned Reading Material

Read back through your lecture notes, and flip through your assigned readings. Was there one chapter or section of the course that you particularly enjoyed? Perhaps one lecture sticks in your mind, and could form the basis for a research paper subject. What has been the most interesting thing you have learned in the course so far? Use that as a starting point for your next research paper topic.

Online Resources

Searching the web is guaranteed to turn up thousands of suggestions for your next research assignment. If you are truly at a loss, and have no idea where to begin, do a broad search first. As you scroll down, different sites and links will catch your eye. Follow them until you have found a topic that you think would make a winning paper.

Remember not to choose too broad a topic. Make a list of potential subjects for your paper, and then narrow them down to one, based on what research material, and sources are easily accessible. You also do not want to spend too much time hunting down information on a topic that is somewhat obscure.

Academic Journals, Magazines And Newspapers

These can be valuable sources for inspiration and information when trying to nail down a research paper topic. As these publications usually carry cutting edge news and research, they can be a goldmine for unique topics on up and coming research trends in your field. Read through them to see if anything grabs your attention. In many cases, you can enjoy limited, but free, browsing access to online articles.

Your Course Instructors And Fellow Students

Two heads can be better than one when it comes time to brainstorm for research paper ideas. Speak with your professors, or teaching assistants for their thoughts on a subject that would make a super research paper. Pick the brains of your fellow students to see what they have to say.

Group study sessions can be a great way to share ideas and help each other out. Arranging these online takes little effort, and may help everyone save a little time and hassle. If you know of others who are interested in the topic that you have to research, consider dividing the basic reading up and share your notes and findings. There is power in numbers!