Math Research Paper Writing Guide: what style to use

Math students have to write research papers, despite the fact that they primarily work in numbers, When you have been assigned a math research paper, it is important that you become familiar with the documentation style that most math professors require. Regardless of the documentation style that your professor or teacher requires, you will need to be sure you follow the rules perfectly.

Different Styles

There are a variety of different styles. The two most popular styles are MLA and APA. These are designed for language arts classes as well as psychology and social science classes respectively. Because these are commonly used, your math professor might require you to use them. On the other hand, your math professor might require you to use the styles adapted by the AMS, the American Mathematical Society. There are handbooks available for all of the styles and the lastest AMS handbook was published in 1990.

Requirements for Organizing the Paper

All of the style guides have specific requirements. They layout the way that the paper should be organized and what the title page looks like. They will also organize how to use subheadings in a defined way, too.

Why Style Guides are Necessary

Many students question why they need to follow a specific format when they write a research paper. Having a standardized format gives writers the time to focus on the content. Readers appreciate the fact that they know what order the information will be presented.

Formatting the List of Sources

Another important aspect of style guides and documentation requirements is the way that bibliography or works cited pages are organized. Each style uses different terminology for the page that lists the sources. Some require reverse indentation, some require block formatting. You will need to format the pages exactly as the style dictates. You will also need to format each entry on the page in the way the style guide requires. These style guides help readers understand if you are using a website, a journal article, an interview, or something else.

Formatting the Sources Inside of the Paper

You will also need to know how to include the proper documentation for your sources inside of your paper. Each style has a different way to including the source and the reference to the works cited page. Know whether you need to put the author’s last name, page numbers, or anything else inside of the actual paper.