5 Common Topics to Write a Nursing Research Paper on

So you are looking for some topics to write a nursing research paper on. Here is a good place to start. When deciding on a research paper topic, it is important to consider some factors. Choosing the right topic will be essential in completing a quality paper that doesn’t monopolize all of your time.

A topic that you are not interested in will take a lot longer to research than one that you are interested in. You will have more motivation to write about a topic that interests you and it will go a lot quicker. Therefore choosing the right topic is different for a lot of people.

There are some general ideas that you can explore to get you thinking and lead you in the right direction. A simple list of topics is not always effective because a research paper has to also show the reasons behind a belief on a certain topic. The whole idea is to do research on a topic and then come up with a fact to present. This fact will be your thesis statement and it will be supported with solid reasoning why you believe the fact.

Common topics that can be used in the nursing field for research papers include:

  • Common diseases: one popular topic in the field of nursing has to do with common diseases. There are many to choose from, so you can write your research on any one of the million diseases.
  • Medical practices: There are a lot of different medical practices that occur all over the world. There is not only one procedure that can be used to cure any ailment. Many different methods can be used. You can either write about the practices in general or show how they differ in different countries.
  • Affects on Patients: this is a topic where you can study the effects that different diseases or ailments have on the patients. You can also look at how the patients are affected by being in the hospital.
  • New technology: Another topic could be how new technology is changing the nursing field. You can examine how the field is affected and how it will change the future of care.
  • Famous people: There are many people who were important in the field of nursing. You can write your paper discussing these individuals and their accomplishments.

These topics are sure to get you started on the right track.