How To Structure Your Civil War Research Paper?

A civil war research paper has consists of a few main sections that are expected and required, no matter the length of the assignment or the difficulty level of the course. These section are the Introduction, the Development, the Evidence, and the Conclusion. Within each section, though, there are several subparagraphs or subsections that are equally important and necessary. Read more about these required sections below to get a sense of how to structure and layout your civil war research paper and earn a high grade.

The Introduction Section

Introduce your topic the way you would a topic in any research paper or history research paper. Set the stage for the historical era you will be discussing. Since you are writing about a specific time period along with all your peers, do not overstate the obvious. The point of this paper assignment is probably not to educate the reader about the civil war in general, but to expound upon a specific element of the battles, the warfare, the culture, the cost of the war, or the longstanding social and cultural effects of the event.

To this end, you should keep your introduction fairly specific. Give quotes and examples from the time period to illustrate your points and delve into the topic at hand quickly.

Development of Context

In the development section, you should devote a few paragraphs to a more in-depth exploration of the topic you are interested in. The point of this section is to be informative, to lend the reader the jargon they need, and to give them a greater, broader schema with which to interpret your argument. Describe what life was like for soldiers on either side of the conflict. List some of the differences between the conditions for the northern and southern sides. Mention a few key battles that set up the event or topic that you are researching most heavily.

Argumentation and Evidence Presentation

Once you have set the metaphorical stage in your civil war research paper, the time comes to take a firm stance and advocate a specific point. Lead into this section smoothly, with transitions that flow sensibly from your prior paragraphs developing the topic. Make a concrete thesis or suggestion about how to interpret facts about the era. Perhaps your thesis pertains to the effects of the war and its expenses. Perhaps you have an idea as to why the south lost, and what the determining factor was for the way the war turned out. Support your point with evidence, block quotes, and theory, and spend several paragraphs forming your argument.

The Conclusion

Close your essay with a broader application of the themes and facts you have been discussing. One surefire way to end your civil war research paper is by discussing the effects of the war on the surrounding people. Tailor this to your own research topic. Did you discuss warfare methods? Then expound on some of the weapons and methods that persisted in future wars. Are you interested in the economics? Then describe how the war influenced the economy of both regions after the fact.