Research Proposal Paper Hints: Determine Your Main Points

What is a research proposal?

A research proposal is a long research paper, typically written before embarking on an honor’s thesis, master’s thesis, or dissertation research project. It serves as a justification for the research project the student hopes to embark upon, and also reviews the existing prior research on the topic (and related subjects). In addition, the research proposal should outline in clear detail how the student aims to complete their research project, including a description of all methods of data collection and measurement.

How is a research proposal formatted?

A research proposal typically has a very consistent structure, and you may wish to find example papers before writing your own. First, the proposal begins with a broad introduction to the topic of interest, where key terms are defined and main findings are explained theoretically. Next, the student should use this existing body of evidence to form and explain a novel hypothesis related to the topic. It should be clear from the text of the paper why the student is interested in this question, or why exploration of this hypothesis is necessary.

Next comes a chapter where the student explains how he or she will go about collecting data to test this hypothesis; this section should be very clear about the exact measures and methods that will be utilized. Finally, the student should explain how they intend to analyze or make sense of their data once they have collected it, and should explain what the broader implications of their research might be. Once these components have been written, the proposal is ready to be submitted to the student’s committee.

What are the main points of the research proposal?

When drafting your research proposal, you should keep in mind several key points. These points are: the theory, the hypothesis, and the method of inquiry. The purpose of a research proposal, after all, is for the student to make a case for their research project. Throughout your paper, you should try to convince your readers that the subject is interesting and important for many people, and there is a gap in the current state of knowledge in the subject. Further, your paper should advocate the point that your research will help to fill this gap, and bring greater understanding to the scientific community.

What should a writer focus on?

When writing your proposal, use clear language and define any unfamiliar or obscure terms. Consider the theoretical value of your work, and make it abundantly clear to you committee why your research is timely and justified by the existing literature. Finally, demonstrate in your paper that you have the research skills necessary to answer your hypotheses.