How to Write a Research Paper: Developing your Hypotheses

Writing a research paper can be challenging at times if you lack some basic knowledge. Such papers are usually very long when compared to ordinary essays. However, writing a research paper takes the same step and format that any other essay would. The difference is that a few things are added.

For a successful research paper, one is required to find more information on the subject matter before starting the actual writing. This involves thorough examination of the topic of study by pooling ideas and information together. The information can be obtained from magazines, newspapers, and library as well as from the internet. Such information is used as beck up for your hypothesis statement.

Your hypothesis statement should be guided by the information that you have pertaining the topic of study. Usually the statement is either positive or negative. Then, it gets support from the research, material that you get from different sources.

Secondly, get relevant sources for the support of your statement. These sources will help you in connecting your ideas together for a well organized plot. In addition, a successful research paper is one that contains documentation of the sources that you consulted. Research work involves combining information from various sources.

Most of the times, information is obtained from other writers’ books and articles without their consent. This is what is called plagiarism. Therefore, it is always advisable that you document any sources that you use in your research paper. Documenting is the act of attributing the efforts of the writers for whom you used their ideas, opinions as well as any other data in your research paper. The essence of documenting any work is to bring in to attention the information that belongs to you and which does not.

Perhaps you are wondering what the reasons for documenting your research paper are. To begin with correct documentation establishes one as a credible researcher or even a writer. This helps your readers understand that whatever you have given is a reliable data since you have included the hand of experts in your research.

Therefore, documentation helps to establish trust. On the other hand, failure to document properly questions one’s academic integrity. Lack of documentation implies that one is just using somebody’s information as yours.

From the foregoing, statement of hypothesis is important in any research paper since it acts as the basis for your entire paper. Therefore, a sound hypothesis will result to a quality paper.