Free Research Paper Ideas: How To Write A Hypothesis Properly

A research paper needs many elements to be considered complete by your professor. Even though you found the perfect subject, which is fascinating but easy at the same time, there are still other things you need to focus on. Don’t start from the assumption that once you made your paper, you’re done. You still have a lot of work to do, and one of your primary concerns should be writing a hypothesis. Here are some useful tips for you:

  • Once you’ve chosen your general topic, you need to figure out what hypothesis are you trying to test. For this, you have to make research on the topic and to see what would be suitable for your essay. Read as much as you can: books, articles, research papers, anything that will give you a good knowledge about the main ideas that you need to explore.
  • Generate a hypothesis. After you have all the information regarding your topic, it’s time to figure out some questions that are unanswered. Even when you have the feeling that there’s nothing more to figure out about the topic, you will be surprised what you can find if you dig deeper. The hypothesis that you create needs to be intriguing, interesting for your classmates and professor and, maybe the most important thing, to allow you to bring valid arguments or answers that can support or not the main sentence. Remember that your entire research paper will have to answer to the question that you are establishing now, so choose wisely.
  • Think about some arguments or evidence that you can bring to support your ideas. You can find this from your research or to look at the entire information from another perspective. It is entirely up to you what kind of data you will use and how relevant your arguments need to be.
  • Write down your hypothesis. Once you finished with all these steps, it’s time to write my paper down. Remember that you can mention a condition or a variable. For example, you can say “Because of X, Y happens” or “If X leaves, Y will stay”. It is crucial for this sentence to be testable, which means that you need to be able to bring relevant evidence to support or disagree with it. Now you can start testing your hypothesis, this means building the rest of your research paper with the topic that you initially chose.