How To Become A Research Paper Writer: The Main Skills You Are To Possess

The longer I write the more I have learned exactly what kind of skills you need to not only write a research paper, but to write an award winning research paper.

First, you need the willingness to just DO IT

I have learned a trick—just do it. Start writing—Do something toward getting it done. Sometimes it is hard to sit down and get those first words on the page, so if you have a big problem with this—then work around it. Nobody said you have to begin with the first words on the page, for example. . . .

You Do Not Have to Begin a Research Paper at the Beginning of a Research Paper

Instead—if you want to get something done for the paper but you do not feel like you can start the actual writing yet—use my trick—work on your title. Working on thinking of a unqiue title is often the way to not only get your title taken care of, it also gets some words on the page and, guess what else it accomplishes, this “title trick,” as I call it—it makes you want to start working on this really cool sounding essay, chapter of your dissertation, or research paper.

For example, if you like to get creative, and your research paper is on global warming—do something creative—if you’re talking about the icecaps melting and the lack of them causing the polar bears to disappear—you could say something intriguing, like

When The Stars Melted: Losing The Best Things in the World Due To Global Warming

And then, since this sounds a little odd, I would make sure to include a sentence in my introduction such as “we are losing so much of our beautiful earth, some of its inhabitants are likely to begin wondering, very soon, fi soon we will lose the very stars in the sky due to the warming of the universe. Will they melt? Be extinguished due to greenhouse gasses. Will we one day have to look up at nothing but, as Soundgarden called it, a Black Hole Sun?

Try the title trick—it works.

Another trick that works is to work on the research first. Start typing down the quotes you want to use in the order you want to use them and you’ll see your paper emerging.