Five Hints To Help You Compose A High-Quality Economics Research Paper

We all spend money to buy products or avail ourselves of services in the market. These activities make us front liners in the flow of our economy. The money in circulation is either deposited in the bank or withdrawn by businessman or entrepreneurs to serve as capital to start a new business activity. Earning and spending are a continuous cycle for as long as we work in order to meet the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. To better understand the concept, here are some useful hints to write a business thesis:

  • Start with the basic needs of the family. Ask yourself this question: Is it possible that parents who are both working can really provide for the needs of their children? To enumerate the needs we have food, clothing, shelter, education and medicine. All of these items require a budget for every member of the family. Ask again for the second time: Combining the monthly income of the father and the mother, can it really suffice all the needs? If not, then let us proceed to the next possible topic which is:
  • The granting of salary loans by banks and cooperatives to private and government employees. Going back to our first possible topic. The only solution in order to meet the needs of the family is through a salary loan. A loan is a specific amount borrowed with terms of payment and a computed interest. Why would there be an interest? The answer goes back to our topic on economics. The accumulated interest of loans from banks and other lending institutions will again be computed and are subject to loans by other borrowers. This is a cycle that keeps on repeating provided that a borrower still has the capacity in his net take home pay or in cases of business, the net income for the month or the year.
  • The granting of business loans for manufacturing of products or creation of services. A micro-enterprise of banana chips production for example may need a capital of one hundred thousand in order to purchase the raw materials, keep in good condition the machinery to be used for production and pay for the labor or services performed by its employees. Economics, therefore, is not just about spending and earning, it also creates jobs for unemployed people and creates delivery of basic services to the general public.

If there is something not mentioned in the detailed information above it is distribution. You may want to consider also conducting a study on how an electric cooperative helps in the distribution of power to small factories and manufacturing plants.

Lastly, you may also want to consider the topic of how franchising improved the lives of people in food production and manufacturing.