How to use free research paper examples

If you feel like the luckiest student in the world because you found a free research paper online, you should think twice. Free research papers are not worth what they used to be. They still cost absolutely nothing, but while they used to be paper that could be turned in, now they should be avoided. No student who cares about earning good grades should ever turn in a free research paper as an assignment. Fortunately, all hope is not lost, because all free research papers can still be used, but as examples to help you get your research paper completed.

Many students would find research papers much easier to write if they have samples to use as models. Students have several difficulties with research paper writing and having a sample to use can make it much easier to get the job done. The sample can help students know how to organize the paper. Samples can also help with smaller details like how to punctuate citations in direct quotes or paraphrases. WIth a quality sample research paper, you could use it as a fill-in-the-blank template by removing the details about the paper’s topic and replace those with your own topic details.

Sample research papers can help students with all areas of research paper writing.

These are a few ideas:

  • Introduction Writing: Students get confused about writing introductions. Look at the hook, the connections (especially the number of sentences), and the claim. Seeing someone else’s introduction helps students craft their own.
  • Hook Ideas: Writing the hook challenges even the best writers. When you look at a variety of hooks, you will get more ideas for your own papers. Whether you see questions, statistics, brief stories, or other ideas, you can start building a notebook full of hook ideas.
  • Topic sentences: The claim is important, but the topic sentences in the body paragraphs need to reflect the claim, too. It is important to see the subtle connections that the topic sentences make to the thesis.
  • Details and explanations: Research papers must have details and they must be explained. Look at how many explanations there are for each detail. Notice what is more interesting to read, too. (Hint: It’s usually the explanations).
  • Word choice: Look at the vivid verbs versus linking verbs. You should find significantly more vivid verbs. Include the best ones in your notebook along with the hooks you love.