A List of Interesting Topics for Term Papers on Econometrics

Econometrics is a relatively new field of study. It is when statistical means, computer science, math, and economic data are used to come up with empirical solutions or content. The word empirical means theories that are based on experience and personal observation rather than standard theories or simply logical means. So any field where data is gathered and then explored might have the potential for an innovative and interesting topic for an essay. If you can’t think of a good idea on how to do my term papers, consider using some of our topics listed below:

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  • Leaving the rat race and possessions behind-is it possible and what are the consequences
  • Did the communes of the 60s have the right idea-share the chores and the money
  • Is wealth happiness-suicide rates in millionaires
  • Certain foods and if they cause cancer
  • Water conditions and the effects on young children
  • Educational results based on gender and race
  • Abuse in the NFL
  • Sunlight and effects on children studying
  • The effects of an all organic diet
  • How going vegan can hurt you
  • What would happen if our power grids were attacked by terrorists
  • Diet and intelligent levels
  • Order of birth and intelligent levels
  • Placebos and the effects in a field study
  • Pesticides and illnesses caused
  • Depression and sugar intake
  • Vaccinations and Asperger’s disease
  • Bullying and the results and causes
  • Serial killers and the moment of no return
  • Costs of living and the ten best places to live
  • Education and why it should or should not be free
  • Why big business wants to make sure that no cure for cancer is found
  • Gambling-the numbers and the people who are addicted
  • Why the internet should be free of charge

As you can see the options can be endless for an interesting and informative paper. If none of these topics appeal to you, then consider exploring a field of interest that you hold. Remember, the results need to be discovered through personal experience and actual finds, not just rational logic or theory.

As with any paper, get the directions, know the style required, ask for help if you need it, know the amount of sources needed, use a size 12 font such as Arial, always double space, and edit, edit, and edit. You will always want to meet all deadlines and provide any supplemental materials required such as hard copies of sources, outlines, rough draft, and final drafts.