What is the Aim of a Research Paper?

Research paper is adding up critical thinking, source analysis and assessment, organization, and composition of in depth knowledge and systematic research on a specific subject and is mainly classified as argumentative and analytical research paper. Research paper is about gathering the information from primary and secondary sources then compiling them in an argument. It modifies and changes as more and more exploration and sources interpretation is carried out.

The purpose of a research paper

The purpose of research paper is to present an investigation, to show relationships between the compiled data and to make evaluations on a subject. In short you want to identify how something works or the root cause behind some happening.

  • The first step is to find and assemble data gathered through primary secondary and tertiary sources in a methodical and organized manner. These sources may comprise of documentaries, blogs, experiments, surveys, interviews, already existing articles and research papers, literature, magazines, objects around us, journal articles, oral knowledge, newspapers, eyewitness accounts and historical documents etc.
  • Afterwards efficient investigation and examination of the collected data are carried out.
  • After the careful exploration of data next step is to craft inventive observations from compiled data and draw conclusions on the subject.
  • Research paper is a dual way learning process both for the author and the reader. It helps the author to develop keen interest in a particular topic and drags him around to explore the available sources and formulate new ideas.
  • Exploration of deep knowledge and information on a specific topic helps you master library or internet sources in modern era and documentation skills. It helps you to equip with valuable skills of conducting research and compiling up all the information gathered into one meaningful article.
  • It is the source of inspiration and attracts other people towards your work. One can also learn how to format papers, write biographies, how to present ones work in an eye catching manner.
  • Besides improvement in your intellectual level, you grow deep in observation, memorizing and critical thinking, which is the art of a good research paper.
    • Writing a research paper is ongoing learning process, you get more and more information and even during the process of writing the research paper, one may develop new views that will amend or change the original article. On the other hand research paper increases readers' knowledge and information on the particular subject and helps him develop different views about it.