How to Write an Introduction of your Research Paper

When it comes to writing an introductory sentence, many potential research paper writers seem to get bogged down on all of the details of their writing. This does not have to be the case. The introduction is going to be the first thing that a reader is going to see and it needs to capture them and make them want to continue forward. This can be done by providing a quick and interesting story or it can be done by providing some great factual information to the reader. Whatever the method the introduction of a research paper will have to show people the thesis statement that you are using and reveal enough of your direction to entice readers to go along with you.

Start Strong

The first sentence is going to introduce your topic and it is up to the author to grab the attention of the reader. There is no need to start off with the obvious, it is a sales job. The start should appear to the reader as interesting and enticing. Never make it all about the facts, simply leave them wanting more and more. It can be done by using a humorous fact or interesting tidbit of information. Think of it as a hook, and you need to put some bait on it in order to catch some readers.

The Meat is In the Middle

When you get to the middle of your introduction that is a place that you state your case for the interesting thoughts you described in the beginning. This should be done in an interesting manner and allow for the complete statement of the facts you are going to present in the paper. Each point doesn’t have to be addressed but you should definitely make sure that the major thoughts are discussed.

Thesis is Last

Finally in the end of the introduction the author mentions the thesis. This is the meat of your research paper and it needs to be stated clearly and appropriately. A Thesis will work as a guide to the writing process. Each section of your paper will be following this statement. As you craft your statement make sure that it is both specific enough to follow and broad enough that it doesn’t limit your efforts in any way.

As you begin to craft your introduction for your research paper, if you follow these simple guidelines then you will be well on your way to writing a paper that will present a topic appropriately and earn a top grade for your efforts.